Because of strict U.S. banking regulations it is very hard for a nonresident to open bank account without a visit to the USA. Taking into account that trip to the U.S. could be exhausting, time-consuming and expensive it's a good idea to have someone professional in the United States who could take care of your American business day-to-day activity, including banking.

At GetBizToUSA we open business operating accounts by becoming a member of client's current or newly established company. The controlling interest is held by the client, and we are listed as a Manager or CFO with 0% ownership interest. It allows us to form bank accounts, merchant accounts, and ensure the corporation remains in good standing. Please note that we remain the only signer on the account until nonresident owner(s) can come to the United States to change it.

Below you can learn more about current options:

Corporate Account — business account opened at a major U.S. bank under your American company name with full banking functionality.
You will be able to: receive payments from your U.S. or international clients; send funds to your home country or anywhere in the world; set up Stripe, PayPal or other merchant account; work with Amazon, Shopify and other e-commerce tools; do almost everything any U.S. company can do.

Trust Account — business account opened at a respectable credit union, owned by our company and a client individually.
It can be used for: U.S. and international wire transfers; U.S. only services (like buying from U.S. stores); e-commerce platforms Amazon or Shopify. Stripe, PayPal or other merchant services are NOT supported with Trust Account service.

Service type Corporate Account Trust Account
Financial institution type Major U.S. bank Credit union
Business checking account
Remote opening
Internet banking
Debit card
Platinum status *
Opening time 5 business days 1 business day
Minimum initial deposit $100 $100
Domestic ACH & wires
International transfers
Can be used for Amazon or Shopify
Can be used for Stripe or PayPal
Account under your company name
U.S. company required? Yes No
Setup fee $1,000 $150
Maintenance fee ** $150 per month $150 per month
* All our clients get Platinum status with Corporate Account option:
- All incoming wires are free of charge (instead of $15 fee)
- $0 account fees
- Four outgoing wires are free of charge (instead of $25 fee for U.S. and $40 fee for international wire)

** Maintenance fee covers:
- Platinum status (for Corporate Account only)
- Ensuring account compliance, to preserve long term account sustainability
- Resolving online banking support issues
- Visiting bank offices to sign additional documentation where required
- Forwarding bank mail
- Attending to issues raised by bank on the account
- Insurance premium for being an account signatory
3 months of maintenance are paid initially in advance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to visit the United States to open bank account with your service?
No, you don't. Everything can be done remotely.

What is the process?
1. Gathering and submitting required documentation for review by bank.
2. Bank account opening, setting up online banking. Account is operational.
3. Business debit card is issued, activated and forwarded to client.

When do I pay?
You can pay upfront with credit card or PayPal or pay after opening with Upwork.

How can I trust you?
You can check customers reviews on Testimonials and Trustpilot pages — one of our clients is in "Forbes 30 Under 30" list.

Is company included?
No, the pricing covers only bank account opening. For information regarding company setup please contact us at

Which banks do you work with?
The list of banks we work with may vary. Please contact us at to get an up-to-date information.

Why do you need to represent me in a bank? Can't you just open bank account in my name remotely?
Unfortunately, at the moment we can't. Recent changes in bank account opening process have made it almost impossible for NRA (nonresident alien) to remotely open personal or business bank account as a sole owner. That is why we have to be company's Member or Director (even though with 0% ownership) — someone must be present in a bank at the moment of opening.

What payment methods do you accept?
PayPal, credit card, wire transfer or Upwork escrow if you want to pay the moment we have your account opened.

Is bank account opening guaranteed?
Yes. But if you had any problems with U.S. banks in the past this may take some time for us to figure out the proper solution.

How is it guaranteed?
We act as your U.S. representative in a bank. Banks are more loyal and less suspicious about U.S. residents comparing to nonresident applicants.

What documents do you require?
The list of required information and documents may vary. Please contact us at for an up-to-date information.

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On behalf of Go Practice, Inc. I would like to personally thank the team at GetBizToUSA and Vladimir Golovachev. They showed a high level of expertise and sincere intent to serve us the best way possible. Delaware Corporation was set up according to our needs with a great amount of attention to every detail and bank account was opened fast, within 24 hours. I definitely recommend GetBizToUSA and look forward to working with them in the future.

Nataliya Vorobyeva

Project Lead of Go Practice, Inc. (Forbes Russia "30 Under 30")

Moscow, Russian Federation

Letter of Recommendation